“Paul M. Doolittle: A Highly Respected Attorney with Expertise in Workers’ Compensation and Mediation”

About Paul M. Doolittle

Paul M. Doolittle is a highly experienced attorney based in Florida, with a career spanning over three decades. Since being admitted to the bar in 1989, he has dedicated his practice to workers’ compensation litigation, as well as handling cases related to intellectual property, online defamation, and copyright law.

Expertise in Workers’ Compensation Litigation

With his extensive knowledge and experience in workers’ compensation law, Paul M. Doolittle has successfully represented numerous clients in their claims for workplace injuries and disabilities. He understands the complex regulations and legal processes involved in these cases and works diligently to ensure that his clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Throughout his career, Doolittle has developed a reputation as a zealous advocate for injured workers. His commitment to his clients’ rights and well-being has earned him the respect of both his peers and the legal community at large.

Leadership and Recognition

In addition to his legal practice, Paul M. Doolittle has held leadership positions in various legal organizations, further demonstrating his dedication to the field. He has been recognized for his contributions to the legal profession and has received awards from esteemed organizations such as the Florida Justice Association and Florida Workers’ Advocates.

One of the notable accolades Doolittle has received is an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell, a prestigious peer review rating system. The AV rating is the highest possible rating and signifies that an attorney has reached the pinnacle of professional excellence, demonstrating exceptional legal skills and ethical standards.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

In addition to his work as a litigator, Paul M. Doolittle is also known for his expertise in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. As a mediator, he helps parties involved in legal disputes find mutually agreeable solutions outside of the courtroom.

His extensive experience in workers’ compensation cases, coupled with his strong negotiation skills, makes him an effective mediator who can guide parties towards fair and satisfactory resolutions. Doolittle’s ability to facilitate productive discussions and find common ground has helped countless individuals and businesses avoid the time, expense, and stress of a lengthy court battle.


Paul M. Doolittle is a highly respected attorney with a wealth of experience in workers’ compensation litigation, intellectual property, online defamation, and copyright law. His dedication to his clients, combined with his leadership roles in legal organizations and recognition from esteemed associations, further solidify his reputation as a skilled and compassionate advocate.

Whether representing injured workers or helping parties find resolution through mediation, Doolittle’s commitment to justice and his clients’ best interests remains unwavering.

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